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Joseph Highland Coffee and Ice Cream – Toowong
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Joseph Highland Coffee and Ice Cream – Toowong

Italian·Milkshakes·Ice Cream

Opens at 10:00·$3.99 delivery·$10.00 minimum

$10 Campaign

  • Strawberry and Nutella Crepe$10.00


  • Meal For Two PeopleAny two crepes and any two milkshakes, frappes or smoothies.$30.00

Sweet Crepes

  • Butter and Sugar Crepe$5.00
  • Lemon and Sugar Crepe$6.00
  • Butter and Honey Crepe$6.00
  • Nutella Crepe$7.00
  • Banana and Nutella Crepe$8.00

Savoury Crepes

  • Ham Cheese and Tomato Crepe$8.00
  • Ham Cheese and Mushroom Crepe$8.00
  • Ham Cheese and Egg Crepe$8.00
  • Spinach Cheese and Mushroom Crepe (V)$8.00

Signature Joe

  • Original JoeVanilla ice cream, espresso, and milk.$7.90
  • Mocha JoeVanilla ice cream, expresso, milk, and chocolate.$7.90
  • Nutty JoeMacadamia ice cream, espresso, milk, and hazelnut syrup.$7.90
  • Samurai JoeVanilla ice cream, Japanese green tea, and milk.$7.90
  • Pure JoeCoffee sorbet, expresso, and milk.$7.90

Ice Coffee and Ice Tea

  • Ice Long Black$5.30
  • Ice Coffee$5.30
  • Ice Chocolate$5.30
  • Ice Mocha$5.30
  • Ice Chai Latte$5.30
  • Ice Green Tea Latte$5.30
  • Water$2.50


  • Salted Caramel Cookies$3.50
  • Triple Choc Cookies$3.50
  • Melting Moment Cookies$3.50


  • Chocolate FrappeChocolate ice cream, chocolate powder, ice and milk.$6.90
  • Black Sesame FrappeGround black sesame, vanilla ice cream, ice and milk.$6.90
  • Coffee FrappeVanilla ice cream, espresso, ice and milk.$6.90
  • Matcha FrappeJapanese green tea extract, vanilla ice cream, ice and milk.$6.90
  • Mocha FrappeVanilla ice cream, espresso, chocolate powder, ice and milk.$6.90
  • Oreo Cookie FrappeVanilla ice cream, crushed Oreo, ice and milk.$6.90


  • Classic MilkshakesVanilla, chocolate, lime, banana, caramel and strawberry.$6.90
  • Thick ShakesVanilla, chocolate, lime, banana, caramel and strawberry.$8.90

Create Your Own Milkshes

  • Classic Milkshake$6.90
  • Thick Shakes$8.90


  • Strawberry SmoothieStrawberry swirl ice cream, strawberries and milk.$6.90
  • Banana SmoothieVanilla ice cream, honey, banana and milk.$6.90
  • Mixed Berry SmoothieStrawberry swirl ice cream, mixed berries and milk.$6.90
  • Mango SmoothieMango sorbet, mango and milk.$6.90

Hot Drinks

  • Flat White$3.80
  • Latte$3.80
  • Cappuccino$3.80
  • Long Black$3.80
  • Mocha$3.80
  • Hot Chocolate$3.80
  • Chai Latte$3.80
  • Matcha Latte$3.80
  • Expresso$3.80
  • Black Sesame Latte$3.80

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